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I use Microsoft Track Changes for my proofreading and editing and the Chicago Manual of Style as the basis for language rules. These can be changed if you have a preference.  


I can edit using either British or American English.


Prices are approximate, depending on the size and the amount of editing/correction required.

Large projects will require a deposit plus milestone payments.


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I will do a thorough surface check of your finished work, focusing on grammar, spelling, punctuation, indentation, spacing, fonts, etc. There is no rewriting/editing of material at this stage.

$30 per hour


I will make sure that your writing follows house style (if applicable) and language rules, including grammar, spelling and punctuation. Minor rewriting of sentences and/or paragraphs may be necessary.

$40 per hour

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Image by Jess Bailey

Line Editing

I will check through your material line by line and rewrite or delete text in order to make a sentence or paragraph clearer, while preserving your voice and writing style. This level of editing does not include the correction of spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

$60 per hour


Combination Packages

If you need more than one service done with your text, there are combination packages available:

Copyediting + Proofreading starting at $45 per hour

Line Editing + Copyediting starting at $55 per hour

Line Editing + Copyediting + Proofreading starting at $65 per hour

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